Sustainable Weight Loss

Provides a road map to long-term weight loss that gets results with-easy-to-understand principles. Use the visual "Rule of Thirds" and Waller's four-week plan to learn basic weight control. Lose the weight you want to lose, and sustain that weight loss---for good.


The path to long term weight loss is simpler than you ever thought possible.
  • Weight Control = Good Health: Weight control and good health go
  • Goal Setting: The importance of good goal setting and sound implementation of your plan cannot be overstated.
  • Lifestyle Changes: Good weight management cannot be accomplished without some basic lifestyle changes.
  • Caloric Balancing: The hallmark of good weight management is a balance between calories consumed and calories burned.
  • Reasonable vs. Perfect Body: We must take an honest look at ourselves, and our own personal traits to determine what body size and shape is reasonable for us.

“If you have the will to live, Sustainable Weight Loss offers you all you need to accomplish your goals. I know of nothing that can actually give you that WILL but for those intelligent individuals who have the WILL and are willing to use it, this is the best guide I know for accomplishing your goals.”
Dr. C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

Sustainable Weight Loss Workbook

Your personal guide to learn weight control strategies and principles is in the optional companion Sustainable Weight Loss Workbook.

Use this workbook to:
  • Determine your readiness for weight loss.
  • Evaluate where you are now.
  • Understand your baseline calorie intake levels.
  • Determine whether you need professional help from a doctor, nutritionist, personal trainer, or psychologist.
  • Set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time framed (SMART) goals, and move into action with Waller's "Rule of Thirds" and the "Wheel of Health."

The Sustainable Weight Loss Workbook includes a Calorie Consumption Diary, worksheets and journal pages, to help you create a precise plan for your personalized weight control program.